The so called ‘Chatbots’ and 5 reasons to make one.

What are they?

Chatbot is a mechanism that allows your engagement to increase significantly by making vivid and different types of interaction come true and we are going to tell you how. The software behind chatbots is based on rules and possibly artificial intelligence that enables users to interact with companies, brands, sports teams, TV channels and more, through a messaging platform. Let me give you an example, let’s say that we are going to ask for an Uber, you could go to its app (if you already downloaded it in your phone), set your location and request it. With a chatbot you could easily contact Uber on your Messaging platform (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Slack and etc.) and ask for a ride, with no need to download any app.

The chat built with a decision tree will not go any further than you programmed it to go. Its decisions will be taken based on a flow chart and it can be as complex as you want it to be. Using this approach the chatbot can focus in specific user problems through your business.


On the other hand, the ones created using machine learning, as the name suggest, will learn with user’s interaction and it do not depend on language, but also understand commands.

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Why should I make one?

  • Be where people are: isn’t it easier to go where people are to give or sell what you want instead of double convince them: first to go where you are and t
    hen consume/get/buy what you want? Stores do not open in the desert and spend tons of money to take you there. It is an analogy to explain that people are already in messaging apps (Facebook Messenger for instance) so why try to move them where else? Your chatbot is already going to be born in a place full of people open to know and experience new things.
  • Potentiate your goal: your chatbot will be a new channel for you to delivery content, increase sales, reduce cost and what else you need it to do. Summing up with the point number 1, it will be a new channel that already counts with a lot of people.
  • Smarter, better, faster: the majority of the chat bots might not be smart yet, but it will eventually and will save a whole lot of work and time.
  • As easy as it gets: chat bots are simple and intuitive. Since it’s similar to a conversation flow it leads you to where you want to get.
  • Communication: you will be able to create a brand new channel to really communicate with your audience by sending them direct message. Today the interaction between your business and its followers ends up being really restricting since they can like, comment and/or share the post. Wouldn’t you want to contact your followers directly when you have something relevant to tell them?

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose is the key for your chatbot and sky is the limit when talking about features it can and/or should have to achieve its goal. Companies can reduce cost using a FAQ bot or even better, a SAC bot. Stores can increase sales and map user’s behaviors. TV Channels can make a cross platform and engage people again with TV. Everyone will apply each feature according to their public, but the first step is to start.

By: Larissa Cerchiaro

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