Setting up your chatbot

There are some basic settings you need to do on your chatbot, for example, customize the welcome messages. Click on the “Setting” button on the upper left corner of your screen:


A new page will open with some messages for you to customize:

  • Greeting message: is the initial message displayed for the users when he/she opens your Messenger fanpage for the first time. You can customize it but we recommend keeping the message that instructs the user to click on “Get Started” to start the conversation.


  • Welcome image: is the image that appears when the user clicks on the “Get Started” button. This is an optional image.
  • Welcome messages: are the messages displayed after the welcome image, when the user clicks on the “Get Started” button. The goal of these messages is to welcome the user and explain what he/she will find on your chatbot. There are some texts that contain a marking of the user’s name (${user-first-name}). In this case, this placeholder will be replaced by the first name of the user.


When the user clicks on the button “Ok, I got ;)” we’ll show a list of modules you  chose for your chatbot.

You can also choose the language in which messages will be displayed for the user (English, Portuguese or Spanish) and the last option is to enable or disable ChatClub of your Messenger.

If you have any doubt, contact us at

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