Get to know the ChatClub modules

The main benefit of using ChatClub is that you don’t need to worry about the user flow or how to code it and can concentrate in what really matters: distribute your content, communicate and improve engagement with your followers. We can help you in this goal with our modules. The modules are features that you will provide to your users on Messenger. To choose them, you just need to click on the “Modules” button on the upper left corner of your screen:


A new page will open with some modules you’ve already choosen. You can drag and drop them to change the order they appear to the user. This is the main menu of your bot, your user will see it like this:

You can enable/disable them by changing the on/off button located under each module. If you click on the settings button (the gear icon) you will be able to configure the image, the text and other items. Each module has its own specific settings, but we’ll talk about this later. When you click the “+” button, you can add modules to your chatbot. To help you choose which modules fit better for you, we’ll explain each one of them:

  • Page contact: allows users to contact you through e-mail, external link or inside Messenger. If you choose the “Messenger” option, the ChatClub robot will stop, giving you control of the conversation. In this case, you can talk to the user using your fanpage inbox. If you choose the other options, the user will be redirect to your website or to send an email to you.
  • Group Chat: with a group chat inside your Messenger, your followers can get to know each other and talk about your brand in an environment controlled by you. You can configure the type of media that can be sent in the chat (videos,images,gifs or only texts) and you can moderate users that had an inappropriate behavior, banning them for 24 hours or forever. You can also customize the rules of your group chat, making clear what users can and can’t do there. It is possible to add chat administrators whom are identified with an emoji on the side of their nickname. You can choose which emoji you want to put and only administrators have this feature.To make these settings, you just need to click on the gear icon below the  group chat module or choose one of the options (Moderation or Settings) located on the left corner of your screen.
  • Categories: is a display module. You can show anything you want to your followers: videos, photos, products. Each of the registered items can have until 3 buttons and the buttons can take the user to an url or to another category.
  • Content channel: is the easiest way to segment your audience. With this module, you can create different channels for your users to subscribe and receive the content that matters to them. When a user clicks on a channel, he/she will be they subscribed to it and when you send a broadcast, you can target it to the right audience using the channels you created.
  • Quiz: is one of the best ways to create engagement within your Messenger. You can create a quiz with questions about your brand/page or any subject you want. The user can play alone or challenge another user. There is a ranking with the users that has the highest score.
  • Participation: with this module, you can ask users to send a message to interact with you and, for example, participate in a radio or TV show. It’s possible to receive text messages, audios, videos and pictures in this module.
  • Survey: you can make a survey with your followers to know their opinion about something. You just need to create a question and some options to the answers (limited to 10 options). On our website you can check the result.
  • Q&A: if your followers always want to talk to you on a regular basis, you can automate the conversation with the Q & A module. We configure some basic questions and answers to you, so you don’t  need to be always online to talk to your users. It’s quick and convenient way to answer the main doubts about your products and services.

Some of them you can add automatically to your chatbot just clicking on “Enable” button. The other ones, you’ll need to request for us, because they need some settings that aren’t available on our website yet. To request them, you just need to click on the “Request” button and send us an e-mail at

In each module, the image, title, subtitle and text button can be customize by you. You just need to click on the gear icon, located bellow the modules that appeared on the “Modules” page and then click on “Edit”. A pop up will open and there you can change all the informations.

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